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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Picture of the Crazy Old Dancin' Dude at the Titanium Club last Thursday Night and the Facebook Comments by the Young People Who Were There About Their Thoughts About Me Dancin' With 'Em

Here's a picture from the Titanium Club on Thursday night, with Vanessa, a very lovely young woman who is willing to dance with the Crazy Old Dancin' Dude.   Below the picture are all the Comments the young people who saw the picture or were there the other night at the dance club put up about my presence on the dance floor, on the Facebook page of the professional photographer the dance club hires to document the dancers and publicize the club.
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    • R. Hope & Company [PR/Event Management Grp.] with Vanessa Crespo.
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      You and Vanessa Crespo like this.

      R. Hope & Company [PR/Event Management Grp.]-- lol....
      Yesterday at 12:14pm ·

      Sean Christian-- Bharat best friends! lol....great night!

      Vanessa Crespo-- Granpa Bob ♥

      Sean Christian Bharat-- Is his name really bob? Im going to ask him what's his secret....he bags every girl in that club...lololol....

      Vanessa Crespo-- Lol Thats my Bob! He's got moves like Jagger! He's there for fun, not to bag! Granpa has a wife at home ♥

      Sean Christian Bharat-- Awesome :)

      Kayla Krostoski-- omg its bob!

      Brian Simmons-- He is so cool party bus

      Erick Eli Estevez-- He mad cool and just like to have a good time

      Vanessa Crespo-- I adore BOB ♥

      Rachel Backiel Hernandez--- Lol. Only Vanessa!

      Vanessa Crespo-- Haha Rachel he's the man, maybe one night you'll get to meet him haha

      Robert Dutcher-- Hey, everybody, I love all your comments and I love the fact you let me dance with you. I AM happily married, to the same woman, Susie, whom I met 43 years ago this month. I'm a retired trial lawyer who got sick of making all that money and doing all that stuff I had to do running a law firm, so I retired in March and now I dance 3 or 4 nights a week, do stand-up comedy, and write "Bob's blog." I love the fact that Vanessa is a Goddess who's willing to dance a few minutes with a Crazy Old Dancin' Dude. Here's a link to the story I wrote on my blog about how I met Susie in 1968. That story has a photo of her a year earlier, when she was 18, at her parents' home in Wisconsin.
             I don't know how she puts up with me, but we have three sons, a daughter, and a grandson who's 3.
             I'll also give you a link to the photos on my blog I recently found of Susie from when she was 20.
             Thank you all for being so kind to let me dance with all of you and all your wonderful, young energy. It's great exercise, and Vanessa's absolutely right--I have NO interest in taking any of you wonderful Goddesses home with me. I have a wife and have no interest in having another! But I LOVE all of you, the women who dance with me and the men who show me their great dance moves.
            See ya' on the dance floor! Best, Bob Here are the links: and

      Bob's blog: A Love Story--"What If..." I'd never met Susie, and "What If" by Coldplay--our Love Stor
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    • Robert Dutcher By the way, one reason I wore that Wesleyan Class of '71 hat the other night, shown in the picture with Vanessa, is that a lot of people tell me I look like Steven Spielberg, the movie director, so that's part of my comic act. Now that I'm no longer a serious trial lawyer, I'm looking for, and finding, all the fun, laughter and humor in life--starting with the funny fact that a man my age LOVES to dance with all those energetic, fun-loving young people. And of course it's GREAT exercise!


  1. What I wonder is why you care so much about what people think about how you live your life. If you're having fun and not hurting anyone or yourself, then just live your life (like the rest of us do). Why spend so much time and effort trying to draw attention to yourself? It's not really all about you, Bob.

  2. Great Comment, Anonymous. The answer is simple. The only way to live a life of comedy and clowning, with a goal of entertaining an audience, is by putting oneself in funny and laughable situations, and exhibiting oneself to people in those ways. That goal requires that I try to draw as much attention to myself, my activities, and my thoughts as possible. While you, as is your right, choose to live your life Anonymously, Anonymous, I choose to live mine in whatever limelight I can attract. Therefore, my life really is, All About Bob, All The Time. I just can't get enough attention to satisfy my need for attention. Maybe the fact that I'm the youngest of three children and therefore had to show off and perform to get attention will help you understand where this impulse for attention comes from. Maybe not. Your psyche, Anonymous, is Anonymous to me and mine, Anonymous, is mostly a Mystery to me. Go figure. Aren't Human Beings, Mere Mortals, an Interesting Bunch?
    Thanks so much for your comment. It gives me something to think about in the few seconds of each day when I'm not seeking attention from other people.