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Monday, October 3, 2011

Miller's Pond--One of My Favorite Places on this Green Earth--A Blog Post with Photographs at the End

As a change of pace on "Bob's blog," I thought some of you might enjoy seeing one of my favorite places on this green earth, where I've spent many happy hours, swimming, sunning, speculating, and communicating.  Miller's Pond in Durham, Connecticut.  It's a spring fed lake about 10 minutes by car from our house.  There are no houses of any kind on the shoreline and motor boats are not allowed.

Susie and I used to go skinny-dipping there in the late 60's when we were at Wesleyan and Smith, and still unmarried young kids.  Now WE'RE in our 60's and she doesn't want to go there with me, but I love the place.  Here's a picture from my favorite rocky outcropping.  I do a shallow dive from that rock, to avoid hitting my head on the part that's submerged beneath the surface, and sun myself like a turtle, or, some would argue, more like a snake.  I meet all kinds of people at that rock.  Wesleyan students, Yale graduate students who once were Wesleyan undergrads, teachers, a psychiatrist, people from Spain, working-class guys, mystery people who are very guarded with strangers and won't tell you anything about themselves even if you're willing to share your whole life's story at the drop of a bathing suit, I mean, a hat.

Miller's Pond is one of those little Slices of Heaven, all there for the using, free of charge, now-maintained by the State Department of Environmental Protection, unlike when we were students and it was just an un-maintained pond, deep in the woods.

Here's my spot, first looking to the left, then the right.

And, on another day, earlier in the season, and with a lot more sun and warmth, this shot from another beach outcropping.

And finally, the pond in late afternoon, before God, the gods, or Mother Nature puts it to bed for the evening.

Have a pleasant evening and a very sweet sleep, my friends and readers.

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