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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Photos of the Crazy Dancin' Dude Struttin' His Stuff for the Girls at the Titanium Club in Middletown Last Saturday Night--and a Special Request that You Add Your Comments about the Meaning of the Intriguing Expression on the Face of the Girl in the Very Short Black Party Dress In the Second Picture Who Seems to be Looking at My Derriere (to be most delicate and appropriate about such a Serious Matter)

Last Saturday night, my friend Elijah Sanchez and his girlfriend, Michele, went with me to the Mezzo outdoor patio and disco.  After we had been in the disco for a while, they left.  About 12:30 a.m., I decided to take a stroll up Main Street to catch the action at the Titanium Club, which is in the old Camp's Men's Clothing Store.  It was in that building, several generations ago, that Old Man Camp hanged himself from the clock above the ground level floor.  The clock is on the Main Street side of the second floor balcony, which is reached by ascending a wide staircase on the south side of the first floor.

On Saturday night, when I arrived, the second floor, being for over-21 only, was packed.  The first floor, for over-18 only, and non-alcoholic, was anemic and sparse.  The DJ's booth is on the second floor balcony, on the north side of the balcony, in a little perch overlooking the ground floor, but also visible from the second floor.  There is a large bar in the middle of the upper balcony, on the north side.  South across from the bar are couches which seat dancers who are taking a break.

When I arrived at the Titanium, about 12:40 a.m. on Saturday, I ascended to the second floor, got a cup of water from the bartender, gave her a $1 tip (water's free but I don't want to get a reputation as a non-paying moocher), and started dancing up and down the floor.  When I got to one of the couches across from the bar, the professional photographer the club hires on some Saturday nights, to show on the club's website to attract patrons, snapped two pictures of yours truly dancing.

I was wearing black jeans and a California Bears hoodie which I had purchased at Marshall's last week for about $19 or so.  The hoodie has sleeves with blue material on the outside of the arm and gray material on the inside of the arm.  The gray-colored material extends all the way across the back of the garment, and the blue-colored material extends across my chest, with the California Bears logo in bright yellow on the front.

The first photograph (see below) shows a black or hispanic woman dancing face-to-face with me, at a very respectable distance.  The photographer took a shot of my left side and my left back area.  My plastic black and silver cheap Casio watch is visible on my left wrist.  Also visible is my dark hairy head, and the beginning of my gray beard, in the area just below my left glasses arm.  The girl looks like she was having fun and, although you cannot see the front of my face, so was I.

The second photograph was taken looking directly at the couch against the wood vertical-slatted wall.  All you can see of me is my right hand, right hip, and the beginning of my right lower torso, but it is clearly the same black pants and gray and blue hoodie as in the other picture.  When this photograph had been taken,  I had moved over to a bunch of women sitting on the couch.  Since I my rear-end was pointed in their direction, that may, or may not, explain the look of glee, smiling delight, or whatever is intended by the look on the girl's face who's wearing the very short black dress with silver near the breast and neck area.  I can imagine her state of mind, but I'll let you read that Rorschach blot for yourself.  It's certainly an interesting face she's making.

Here are the photographs:

Because I find her expression intriguing, mysterious, and interesting, I would be most interested in any help you can give a Crazy Old Dancin' Dude in making heads or tails (was pun intended?) of her expression, but putting your suggested interpretations in the Comments section of this "Bob's blog" post.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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