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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Me and My Bros' at "Wesleyan Wednesdays" at Titanium Dance Club in the Old Camps Clothing Store in Middletown

This is me and my bros' at the Titanium last Wednesday night.  On the left is the very talented DJ from the Mezzo disco, every Saturday night, Steven Sinatra.  On the right is Kris Grabocka, K&G Nightlife Owner at Titanium, and between Kris and me is Nik Tasiopoulos who is a Wesleyan guy like myself.  Notice on my black Wesleyan hat is inscribed "Wesleyan Reunion '71."  Which makes me fit right in to "Wesleyan Wednesdays" at Titanium, at least with my bros' approval and Informed Consent.

Now as I always make clear, and say, on the dance floor at Titanium, Mezzo, and the Shadow Room, these three young guys are Hot and I'm Not.  Let me say it again, people, these young guys are Hot-Hot-Hot, and I'm Not-Not-Not.  I just dance with the girls (and the guys who show me their moves) on the dance floor and then I tell the girls they KNOW these guys are SO HOT they've gotta go home with 'em as fast as they can before the other girls find out and take 'em away with 'em.

I think it's just peachy-keen that Cool Dudes like these guys are are willin' to let an Old Dude like me dance out there on the disco floor with all those hot young, old, thin, not-so-thin, pretty and close-to-pretty women on the dance floor.  

Life is Good in Sleepy Middletown!  See you soon on the dance floor!


  1. Bob! I miss the daily blogs! Any update on Susie? What about the lawsuit?

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    It's been harder for me to get internet access during the power outage following the snow storm. I hope to be able to do a new blog tomorrow. Stay tuned and I'll send a mass email to alert everybody on my list to the new post.
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    All best,