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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A free-associative "word-riff" on the Jewish bible as metaphor which can be seen being spoken from The Dude's (my) own mouth in a funny YouTube video

Here's a link to a hilarious YouTube video somebody I don't know made of me doing a riff about the Jewish bible as metaphor, so don't get all bent out of shape about anything you read it there which offends you. This is funny!  You may need to copy the link and paste it into your browser to bring up the video, which is only 1:41 minutes long.

Video title: "dude"

And here's what I wrote to the Facebook person who calls herself Cherry, who finds herself offended by the portrayal of women in the bible.  The YouTube video creator of the clip called "Dude" put my words to Cherry in the mouth of one of my funny Profile pictures. I hope whoever did this will do more just like it:

hey, cherry, baby, i like your riff on the jewish bible. it's all there, and none of it's there also. and anyway, dude, it's just a bunch of stories, metaphors. but remember, Judith put a stake through a general's head in a tent in the same bunch of stories, Ruth survived by seducing an older guy, Boaz, Bethsheba seduced David, even though the Big King Guy thought he was doin' the takin' of her from the roof, and as for King Solomon, read Joseph Heller's "Oh, God" in which he portrays the Great King Solomon as Schlomo to his father, King David, who was disappointed in the schlepy Scholomo, whom mother Bethsheba kept tryin' to promote as successor to her lover-boy King David, and Abraham was given Hagar by Sarah 'cause Sarah at first was barren, and then Abraham wimped-out when Sarah got all angry at Old Abe that he fell in love with the slave girl so he gave in to Sarah's pressure and kicked the young slave babe and Ishmael out into the wilderness, but in all these stories, the metaphor goes, God or the gods or mother nature takes care of most of these players in the glorious saga of the human race, which the Jewish bible portrays with warts and all. As far as gay sex, those people who interpret the bible as against it are just being selective in their wrong interpretation. why should God or Mother Nature give a shit about gay sex as long as nobody's getting hurt? The argument that it doesn't lead to procreation is absurd since nobody seems to object to two very old people getting married, like Abraham and Sarah and who knows, in the same way that God "let" Sarah get pregnant, finally, as an Old Woman, maybe God or Mother Nature will evolve the human race so gay people start reproducing with babies and all. Hey, human sexual reproduction took billions of years to develop the way it has. What's to stop it from developing so eventually even two women or two men can have babies, if that's what they want. Did you see Twins? The Terminator, the Love-inator had the baby in that fantasy. When it comes to Nature, all things are possible, given enough time. But it's okay to be angry, Cherry, 'bout Human Injustice. That's why I went into The Law 36 years ago, although I had to give it up in March of this year to pursue a writing career--and dance my Old Ass Off! lmao i'm so happy now! luv ya', dude
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