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Friday, September 23, 2011

Here's how to put a Comment on Bob's blog, with easy step-by-step instructions which even I as a retired/retarded lawyer, can understand and follow! And so can't (as some people incorrectly are want to say) you.

My brother-in-law and trusted life coach, writing advisor, and general all-around Best Bud', just asked in an email, "Why do you make it so difficult to post a Comment on Bob's blog?"

I hadn't realized I'd done anything to make it difficult, but just now investigated the matter.  Here's what I found out.  There are two steps which must be completed before a Comment can be posted.  I think these steps were created in order to reduce Spam Comments from finally entry into the sacred Comments section of Bob's blog.

Step 1:
   Click on "Comment" at the bottom of any Bob's blog posts.  Type your desired Comment in the window.  Select your "Comment as:" status from the drop-down menu.  Most of you will probably want to remain Anonymous but you can choose to leave your Name as an alternative.  (See picture of the Comment window, at the very end of this blog post, even after Step 2 and Step 2 photograph, below.)
     Before you can finally post a Comment to Bob's blog, you must first click "Preview" to preview the Comment.  Now you can finally click "Post Comment," and, magically, your Comment will now appear along with any others, beneath the Bob's blog post to which the Comment applies.

Step 2:
   Type in the word verification word which appears at the bottom of the Preview window, click "Post Comment," and your Comment will be posted to Bob's blog.  See sample Preview window with word verification feature, below.


EditAnonymous said...
testing 1,2,3
September 23, 2011 11:05 AM

Visual verification
 Listen and type the numbers you hear 

The following picture relates to Step 1.  Because Step 1 is easier and more intuitive that Step 2, to most Comment authors, I decided to put this picture, related to Step 1, at the tail end of this Bob's blog post.

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