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Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Magical Night in Dancin' in "Sleepy Old" [ lmao ] Middletown at the Canoe Club and the Titanium Club

Another great evening of dancin', talkin', and groovin' in Magical Middletown, CT, first with Jazz on the River [with "age-appropriate" adult-types], then disco dancin' at The Titanium Club [with "age-inappropriate young-energetic-dancin'-types].

Jazz on the CT River at the Canoe Club last night from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. was terrific, as usual. Trevor Davis gets great jazz groups to perform, the food is excellent, and the dancin's mighty fine.  Met and had long chat during the band's break with Alvin Carter, Jr., the drummer, who's a very intereting man and a sh-t kickin' drummer.  He got a real big kick outta' me now goin' to the black Baptist church next to the Y.  And Alvin laughted real hard when I told 'im how puzzled some of my "old" (meaning long-time as well as chronlogically older, like me) friends and "Bob's blog" readers are about my wantin' to go out dancin' with young people at the clubs now that I'm retired.  [Course whenever any "older" people get up to dance, at, say, the Canoe Club, I love to dance with 'em, but truthfully they're ain't many oldsters who seem to wanna' [or canna'] dance.  

After, I stopped in at my fav dance venue, Mezzo, but they put D.j. Mark Adonis in the bar/restaurant and it was pretty tame at 10 p.m. so I walked up to the Titanium Club where nobody was dancin' 'til I danced solo for a half-hour and eventually it became a great big high-energy Mosh Pit. I saw some of my men from the Mezzo who taught me some more of their dance moves and then a very hot young woman, looked like she might be Dominican or Spanish, very beautiful young lady,  long-flowing dark hair, in a very tight, short Firefighter-red dress, high heels, very good dancer, decided it was time to start the young people dancin' so she came over to me and gave the Old Dancin' Grandude a spin.

The Tight Red Dress Girl asked me what my name was and who I was. Just told her I'm Bob, retired lawyer, happily married, four kids and a grandson, and just out to have a good time, dance, not interested in takin' anybody home. The girl smiled her big beautiful white teeth smile, danced with even more enthusiasm, then turned away to tell her girlfriends about me, I figured.

I stayed at Titanium 'til near closing. Lots of young women, great dancers, and young men, same, danced with me and showed me their moves, all over the downstairs dance floor.  Some of the girls, as always happens, wanted to move in close, body-to-body, very respectable by the standards of today's discos.  Mostly rear to rear, but sometimes front to front.  The girls really got a kick outta' the fact that I'm able on some nights to go way down with fully flexed knees, all the way to the floor, even dance their and do little 90 degree hop-turns in that position. When I'm down low, I always make like I'm using my hands to cover my eyes if the girl goes down low too, if she's in a short little party dress, so she knows I'm not lookin'.  Nuff' said?

At one point a black dude in a White Sox hat, a tall, good-lookin' young black man with a very nice smile, who knows me from the Mezzo disco, came over to me.  His Sox hat is one of those brand new ones, with the shiny tags still on the bill, that's the new style, and he also was wearin' a tie, so he pushed me to get up on the little raised wooden platform against the south wall of the club, to dance with the girl in hot red dress and her girlfriends. I did so and had a blast.

As always, I was drinkin' water only. Always give the bartender a $1 tip for a beer-size plastic cup of water, so they don't think I'm just an Old Moochin' Dancin' Grandude.

All-in-all, another magical evening, on the River and the Main Street of "sleepy old" [ lmao ] Middletown.

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