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Monday, August 8, 2011

Mezzo Grill--video clips from disco at Mezzo Grill, Middletown, Connecticut--'case ya' wanna' c what the place looks and feels like on a DJ night

So I haven't found any videos from the two times I've been at the disco at Mezzo Grill in its current incarnation, last Saturday night and three Saturdays ago.  But, second best are these video clips from YouTube which I just came across.  This'll tell those of you who like to dance, what the place is like, 'case ya' wanna go with me sometime to dance or, to those of you who don't, or wouldn't be caught dead in a place like that, not.

So, if any of u want(s) to go with me to a Mezzo Grill disco dance night, some Friday or Saturday, just lemm'ee know and we can party at, The Disco.  All ages welcome, old, young, old at heart, young at heart.  I won't dance just wit' 'chew, but I will dance wit' 'chew, too, if ya' want, to, wit', moi.  Spouses and boyfriends/girlfriends welcome, always, as advisors, minders, chaperones, and, if da' Spirit moves 'em, dancers.  It's fun, a blast, and sure beats any artificial high-en-ers for havin' fun.  DANCE-'UN......

Anyway, here are the video clips, also posted below, at bottom of this Bob's blog page, for easy access by just clicking on the URL:       From YouTube--overview of Mezzo Grill outside Caribbean-style bar and patio, sans breaking surf being heard in background, short shot of inside restaurant/bar, and view of upstairs disco on a Friday night        Also from YouTube--a one-minute clip from 5-21-11     Also from YouTube--a 1:31 minute video from Wesleyan Class of 2001 reunion party, also May, 2011     Also from YouTube--short clip from somebody's Android phone of last song at Mezzo Grill disco--lights were turned way down, i spoze' 'cause it was the last spin of 'duh DJ    Also from YouTube--4:27 min. clip from Twisted Nut performance in outdoor bar and grill patio area at Mezzo Grill--great to see little kids there, I hope with their parents or the MG's gonna' have some Liquor Commission citations to deal with!  lol

Grandude, the dancin' ole' fool

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