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Monday, March 12, 2012

YouTube 2:21 minute Video of Me Performing my poem "Shadow Room Goddesses" at The Shadow Room

I am re-posting this blog story about my poem "Shadow Room Goddesses" because I now have a YouTube link to a video of me performing the poem at The Shadow Room on Main Street in Middletown a few weeks ago.  Here's the link to the short 2:21 minute video:

This video was taken by Michael J. Citak, General Manager and Marketing and Graphic Director at The Shadow Room.  All thanks to Mike for doing such a good job under poor lighting conditions.

Here's the original blog post, with the poem and photos of the Goddesses and me.

New Poem by Bob: "Shadow Room Goddesses", with 2 Photos of Bob and TSR Goddesses, and an Editor's Note about the poem and the blog post itself
Editor's Note: Bob does not put everything he writes on "Bobs blog."  Bob has noticed over the past few months, since he first started writing the blog in mid-July, 2011, at the suggestion of his friend John Hall, that some (at least one but it could be any number up to the more than 18,000 hits he's gotten on "Bobs blog" all over the World based on the very precise statistics kept by the Google Blogspot "platform") of his Dear Readers do not like to get the more, shall we say, conventionally "salacious" blog posts.  Therefore, Bob censors "Bobs blog" and writes more freely on his Facebook page.

However, true artists don't censor themselves.  Bob's not yet a "true" artist, although he's getting there, so he continues to restrict "Bobs blog" to more "prim and proper" writing productions.

To give you all a little change of pace, I'm going to post a poem I whipped off yesterday afternoon at the request of my SAG actor friend, David Gere, owner of The Shadow Room (TSR) on Main Street in Middletown.  TSR is a bar, dance club, art gallery, and artists' hangout, including wannabe writers/dancers/comix like Bob.  So Bob returned to his lair, Susie's OLD HOUSE in Middletown, and whipped up the following little poem about some of the TSR Goddesses, as David Gere requested.  I then peformed it last night at TSR while standing on the couches along the north wall, all the while wearing the same outfit I was wearing the night before, as described below. 

To understand the poem, you'll need to do two things, assuming you want to read any further.  First, read the poem.  Second, look at the Facebook Profile Pics of me surrounded by assorted TSR Goddesses.  Third, read the FB Status I posted yesterday about the Sunday night adventure at TSR, in particular the references and descriptions of Goddesses Andrea and Emily.  Fourth, understand that Goddess Andrea in no way is androgynous.  She's very pretty, feminine, and intelligent.  But she did like wearing my dark shades and my dark-blue worsted wool blazer for a few sweet minutes.  Like all beautiful women who put on male clothing (think Marlene Dietrich and other great actresses of the past), it's a very nice look.  Fifth, Goddess Toni is David Gere's current girlfriend.  David refers to her, affectionately, as Toni the Tiger.  I changed that appellations slightly.  You'll see why.  Finally, also understand that Goddess Emily merely slipped while she and Goddess Andrea were dancing with me, all in the presence of their boyfriends.  Goddess Emily was not drunk, but she did fall backwards and land on her tush, but with a smile on her face and a laugh from her throat. 

Okay, so here's the poem, "Shadow Room Goddesses," followed by the FB Status which sets the stage, and last, but not least, the photos of the TSR Goddesses and me.  The first photo is my current FB Profile Pic and the second is my penultimate FB Profile Pic. 

Finally, if I did not treat these Goddesses with the respect that a father shows his daughter, they would not feel, and appear in the photos, as relaxed and comfortable in my presence, so close to me physically, as is shown in these photos. 

Very truly yours,  THE EDITORS of Bobs blog.  P.S.: You always have the option of opting out of the rest of this blog post by don't say I didn't warn you!]

Now the poem.

Shadow Room Goddesses

I knew Goddess Maddie's
surname was Gish
but now
I know
she's also
the freakin' sexiest dish

I knew Goddess Andrea
was a Czenar
but now
I know
she's also
Insatiable Sexy Satyr

I knew Goddess Emily
was a Gorgeus Platinum Blonde
but now
I know
she also
safely lands her Beautiful Behind

I knew Goddess Toni
had a figure to die for
but now
I know
she also
is Toni The Ti-Gere

bob dutcher, February 20, 2012

Now the Facebook Status.

Last night I made a last-minute (or last hour-and-a-half to be precise) appearance at The Shadow Room in Middletown. I was delighted to meet a new Goddess, Goddess Tiffany, who tends bar to give a break from Mortal Dionysian Alcohol-Nectar service by Goddess Andrea and Goddess Toni (the Tigress). Although Nick, David Gere's partner in TSR, told me otherwise, my first impression of the lovely Tiffany Goddess was this: "That girl's Jail Bait." But Nick firmly disabused me of that notion. Although all Goddesses are timeless, eternal, and ageless, we Mere Mortal Men arbitrarily assign an "age" to each of them. And Nick insisted that her Mere-Mortal-Man-assigned age is greater, though not by much, than Goddess Andrea.

Now I made my Grand Entrance into TSR last night wearing the double-breasted blue suit jacket, dark gray pants, and black shoes I wore to my baptist rockin' church service yesterday, and also had my eyes shaded from the Overwhelmingly Brilliant Radiance of Goddesses Andrea, Emily, Tiffany, Sarah, and the others by my black wrap-around shades. Within minutes, Goddess Andrea, always accompanied by her trusty Hot Young Mere Mortal boyfriend, Mike, had removed my shades and put them on and removed my double-breasted suit coat, perhaps to cover her own double-breasted outer/upper white garment. Goddess Andrea and Goddess Emily, who was also chaperoned by her Studly Mere Mortal Young boyfriend, proceeded, against my better judgment, to arrange the three of us in an unholy (but most fun)
three-way Oreo Cookie in negative photographic mode. By that I mean that these two lovely blonde, fair-skinned Goddesses had me, a now-black baptist, in-between them. I have no current recollection of what the Goddesses were doing, if anything, to me during this ecstatic moment.

Meanwhile, Nick, @David Gere's co-owner of TSR, got out what appeared to be an I-pad shaped video recording device to make permanent video record of this Outrageous Outlaw Ovation to the gods who made the visitation by the Goddesses (not to mention their Otherworldly Beauty, Uncommon Intelligence, and Aesthetic Sensibility) possible.

Well, time to go off FB for a while, saw wood, and work on a new poem to perform tonight at The Shadow Room, should the Mere Mortal Men, the Goddesses, and, especially the demi-god @David Gere, permit me so to do.

Later, Goddesses, Mere Mortal Men, and The Demi-God,

Bob aka The Writer

Now the photos.

Goddess Andrea, Bob, and Goddess Emily

Goddess Maddie, Andrea, Bob, Gia, and Emily


  1. Sorry buddy, but you like like an idiot.

  2. Dear Sorry Anonymous (March 12, 2012 1:51 p.m.),
    What exactly do you mean that I "like like" an idiot? What I think you and I can certainly agree on is this: you write, if one fairly can call what you do writing, as an idiot. An Illiterate Idiot, at best. An Imbecile, obviously.

    Now, as for my The Shadow Room poetry performance, if you didn't like it, well, that's one vote nay but as you could tell, if you have ears to hear, all the other votes of the Goddesses and Mere Mortal Men who were there were Yea! Definitely Yea.

    All best,

    The Idiot-Detector

  3. That sucked. No one clapped for you for about 5 seconds until they finally gave you a pity clap. And we can see through your "goddess" BS. You like penis. And men.

    1. Dear Sucking Goddess Anonymous (March 12, 2012 10:53 p.m.),
      You, Goddess, are a MOST interesting head case (wink, wink, if you know what I mean!) of what Freud called "projection." And here, in your first Comment, above, which I replied to, I thought you were a Mere Mortal Man. Sorry, Goddess, I now realize you're a Goddess because of the concerns right at the top of your consciousness.
      Look, guys, at her concerns, in this Comment of her at 10:53 p.m. on March 12, 2012: sucking ("That sucked."); the clap ("No one clapped"; "pity clap"); penis ("You like penis."); men ("And men."). All things which Goddesses, not us Mere Mortal Men, are fixated on. Yes-sir-eee, Mere Mortal Men, the concerns of this Commenter are all about us Mere Mortal Men; this Commenter, have no doubt, is a Goddess, not a Mere Mortal Man.
      Hey, Sucking Goddess Anonymous, it's pretty darned clear that video of me paying all that brilliant poetic attention to the Goddesses of The Shadow Room is making you jealous. Sorry you're all so worked up by all this controversy. Look, here's the Silver Lining for you, Goddess. From here on out, when you read "Bobs blog" and Comment about future articles, or even this one, you can just admit you're a Goddess and don't ever have to conceal that very obvious fact from my readers, or yourself, if you're still going through that phase of your life when even you didn't know what you were.
      Hey, Goddess, thanks for reading "Bobs blog" and taking valuable time from doing your hair, your nails, or shopping for pretty Goddess clothes and all.

      All best,

      The Goddess Detector

  4. Wrong. Im not a goddess. Just a man. Who also likes men, and I can detect that you do too, from a mile away. Ive read your blog before and fantasize about getting in that sleeping bag with you....on that soft sleeping mat in your cold house. Ohhh Bob we could warm that thing up. Me, you, your cat. Ill even let you lick my shoes since you like that so much. You would love it

    1. Dear Gender-Confused Anonymous Goddess (March 12, 2012 6:50 a.m.),

      Hell, no, Goddess, you can't fool the Crazy Old Dancin' Dood. I can smell a Goddess like you, though you're not very HOT, from a mile or more away.

      Anyway, here's the thing, m'am. When it comes to me, you've got to be a lot smarter, and a much better writer, and MUCH more imaginative, to even think you're gonna' get under my skin, let alone convince me to let you crawl into that warm sleeping bag with Russell 'n me.

      But I am delighted you can't help yourself reading my blog and writing your little Comments. I surely do appreciate all that attention, darlin' Gender-Cornfused Anonymous Goddess. Heck, Goddess, you're so confused about what holes do what in your body that you don't even realize you wear high heels and not those Mere Mortal Men's shoes.

      Keep on readin' "Bobs blog" and writin' in to try to lay one of those traps I specialize in.

      All best,

      The Man with the Chain-Mail Skin

  5. Bob be wary,
    Bob be quick,
    Please don't disturb,
    The chick with a dick.

    Might be a lady,
    But claims to be a homo,
    But it is more probable,
    That "it" is Chaz Bono.

    It's biceps are massive,
    But it's hips are unflappable,
    Oh, what a quandry,
    Until "it" exposes it's adams apple.

    Now is a time for careful reflection,
    While at the club, please do an inspection,
    For you don't wish to grind,
    With a girl who has an erection.

    1. Dear Cunna Linguis Anonymous (March 13, 2012 9:25 a.m.),

      Bravo, bravo, bravo
      Cunna bro'.

      I know I know I know
      Yo'ainah no doe.

      Merci merci merci
      Dis' blog b gettin' dicey.

      Me thinks me likes your bit
      'Cuz you're clearly no dimwit.

      That's the best I'll do
      Until we lick that chick/dick.

      All best,

      An Admiring Fellow Poet Minor

    2. P.S.:
      For those not in the know
      May I present
      Chaz Bono:

      All best,

      Not Invested, Nor Interested,
      In the trans-vested.

  6. Your poem sucks. Badly. The embarrassed laughs of the people in the background when you finished should tell you so.

    1. Dear Green-with-Envy Jealous Anonymous (March 14, 2012 4;35 p.m.),


      Who can be photographed with Goddesses



      Those who cannot,

      Only Dream they could.


      Who can perform poetry for Goddesses have



      Those who cannot (like you, bro'),


      All best,

      The Poet who Can and Does

  7. A 62 year old fool who thinks he’s cool,
    He’ll end up dangling above a kicked out stool.

    If not that, he’ll be locked up at Connecticut Valley,
    Or better yet...found beaten to death outside a nightclub alley

    He’s lost it, he’s ill, he’s mentally sick,
    He doesn’t hit on the women because he has no dick.

    He lives out of a sleeping bag as he finds it quite cushy,
    He plays with his cat, the only way he gets pussy

    His wife took off now he has no spouse,
    The next place you’ll find him will be at the nuthouse.

    1. Dear Hermaphrodite Goddess/Mere Mortal Man (MMM) Anonymous (March 15, 2012 9:25 a.m.),

      Hey, Goddess/MMM. Nice try. I KNOW I'm gettin' under your skin. But to get under mine, you're gonna hafta' try a LOT harder and write a LOT smarter.

      Because you're both Male and Female, I can understand why you're consumed by such RAGE. The only question is, why am I the occasion for your unconscious to dredge up those feelings? I'd be interested in your saying a bit more about that.

      Now, it DOES take a lot of COOL and some really big BALLS to live the life I'm livin', all out in the OPEN for ALL TO SEE. Whereas, on the other hand, it don't take no balls to take potshots from the shadows as you do at me. But I don't frankly care what you do, who you, are, or what troubles you have which your blaming me for. That's your bidness, Goddess/MMM.

      Anyway, that was a clever attempt, the poem I mean, to get me all hot and bothered about you, Goddess/MMM, but here's the rub: as you've noted, I only wanna sleep with my pussy cat, Russell. At least he, unlike thee, is a Real Cool Cat and not, like you, a Weeny Chicken Shit. lmfao

      I really enjoy your rage-full Comments, Goddess/MMM Hermaphrodite Anonymous. Please don't stop reading and writing me--ever.

      All best,

      The Cool Old Fool

  8. He things his words float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,
    However above his head looms, CGS §17a-503.

    Both dangerous to himself, and gravely disabled,
    Upon which rests, commitment as fabled.

    Onward! To the probate court! Applications are there!
    Court selected physicians, two, a pair.

    10 days later, the hearing will take place,
    So soon until Bob wanders up Silver Street without a trace.

    Bob's Blog is Exhibit "A," nothing else needed,
    As clear and convincing evidence that Bob should be treated.

    The judge will rule for commitment, you see,
    And along will go Bob, in police custody.

    Bob and the cop will head off to Silver Street,
    And he will be handed over due to court order or reasonable belief!

    1. Dear Fool-for-a-Client-and-Not-a-Lawyer Anonymous (March 15, 2012 12:21 p.m.),
      Interesting fantasy but you demonstrate the age-old principle that a little knowledge is, in your case, an ignoramus makes. You obviously can't get it through your thick, dumb head that the statute, on its own terms, would not authorize my involuntary commitment. You, however, may be subject to commitment if your fantasies of imprisoning me were carried out by you.
      Here's an interesting law school hypothetical. An eccentric, but not dangerous to himself or others, and able to take care of himself, is wrongfully committed by the state, medical professionals, or others. What do you suppose the damages would be for the eccentric for violation of his Constitutional right to be free of unwarranted involuntary imprisonment, even for a few days? For a man like myself, who loves his freedom, the damages would be enormous. Enough, in fact, to set me up in a nice little beach house somewhere in the Caribbean, surrounded by Goddesses.
      The idea that an electronic blog would be sufficient to realize your angry, jealous fantasy ("Bob's Blog is Exhibit 'A,' nothing else needed") is evidence of (a) your complete ignorance of civil procedure, the law of evidence, and the law of civil commitment and (b) the fact that you hallucinate when you think yourself to have any legal analytic ability whatsoever.
      Until you begin making the changes in your miserable life you so obviously desperately want to make but instead continue thinking angry, envious, and jealous thoughts about me, you will continue to be obsessed with the freedom of my life and stuck in your fantasies that "bad" things happen to me.
      Here's a bit of free advice from a real lawyer: Get a Life. ha-ha-ha

      All best,

      Free and Always Will be Free--to be ME

  9. I think some of the Anonymous posts are actually Bob! Like these poems..

    1. Dear "Thinking" Anonymous (March 15, 2012 1:01 p.m.),
      They aren't, but that's an interesting story which hadn't occurred to me, but I like the O'Henry-like twist. I hope you continue fantasying and telling stories. And by all means publish them here, on my blog.
      I'm glad you like "these poems" but hope you also include mine in the denotation of that phrase.

      All best,

      The Poet of Bob's Poems Only and Not of the Poems of The Demented Anonymous Commenter

  10. I think you're right. He's so desparate for attention he's having conversations with himself.

    1. Dear Unclear Referent Anonymous (March 15, 2012 1:07 p.m.),
      Before I can respond to your Comment, please clarify the ambiguities: is the "he" you're referring to me, Bob, or the Demented Anonymous Commenter, or perhaps, even, you? I'll then be able to respond in a meaningful way.

      All best,

      The Blogger whose Meaning is Clear

    2. Or maybe Bob's just talking to himself because he is FUCKING CRAZY.

    3. Dear Gotcha' Bro' on the Ambiguity and You Can't STAND That I Did Anonymous (March 15, 2012 1:37 p.m.),
      I'm actually writing, bro', not talking when I post or Comment on my blog.
      Also, I'm not fucking any of the Goddesses I dance with, because that would violate my Bob's Rules. It would also demonstrate a neediness for women which I do NOT have, but you probably do.
      I can "hear" you when I've gotten under your paper-thin skin, bro'. You do not need to YELL in caps.

      All best,

      Smarter than You'll Ever Be, Bro'

  11. The whacko, the weirdo who calls himself grandude
    He’s off his meds which is affecting his mood

    His actions and behavior are all so improper
    You’d think he get the hint by almost getting arrested at Price Chopper

    His future it’s certain is full of nothing but doom
    As he makes an ass of himself at the Shadow Room

    He does what he thinks is dancing among plenty of hot chicks
    But it’s the buff men he likes as he hopes to get a glance at their dicks

    He waddles around like a pig in the trough
    Then he goes home alone to his empty house to jerk off

    1. Dear Sanctimonious and Whack-o Anonymous (March 15, 2012 1:21 p.m.),
      You should consider exploring with a psycho-analyst what your fantasies mean to you.

      In particular, you probably should figure out why:
      1. You are so obsessed with me and my life.
      2. Why you are so anxious about behavior
      which you've somehow come to believe is
      3. Is your hostility towards me likely to
      lead you to want to harm me?
      4. Given the photographs, why do you question
      the obvious reality that I AM dancing among
      plenty of hot chicks?
      5. How can you bring yourself to gather the
      strength to dance among plenty of hot
      chicks just like I do?
      6. Why do you think there's anything wrong
      7. Are you aware that recent research shows
      that pigs have the intelligence of a three-
      year-old child?
      8. What remedial education might bring you up
      to the emotional and intellectual level of
      a three-year-old.
      9. Why do you have such deep-seated conflicts
      about masturbation?

      Once you've resolved these conflicts, let's talk.

      All best,

      The Well-Adjusted and Extremely Happy Writer, Dancer (among plenty of hot chicks), and Comedian

      P.S.: Please post or email me the photos, if any, of the dancing you do among hot chicks.

  12. Sec. 17a-503. (Formerly Sec. 17-183a). Detention by police officer prior to commitment. Issuance of emergency certificates by psychologist and certain clinical social workers and advanced practice registered nurses.

    (a) Any police officer who has reasonable cause to believe that a person has psychiatric disabilities and is dangerous to himself or herself or others or gravely disabled, and in need of immediate care and treatment, may take such person into custody and take or cause such person to be taken to a general hospital for emergency examination under this section. The officer shall execute a written request for emergency examination detailing the circumstances under which the person was taken into custody, and such request shall be left with the facility. The person shall be examined within twenty-four hours and shall not be held for more than seventy-two hours unless committed under section 17a-502.

    (b) Upon application by any person to the court of probate having jurisdiction in accordance with section 17a-497, alleging that any respondent has psychiatric disabilities and is dangerous to himself or herself or others or gravely disabled, and in need of immediate care and treatment in a hospital for psychiatric disabilities, such court may issue a warrant for the apprehension and bringing before it of such respondent and examine such respondent. If the court determines that there is probable cause to believe that such person has psychiatric disabilities and is dangerous to himself or herself or others or gravely disabled, the court shall order that such respondent be taken to a general hospital for examination. The person shall be examined within twenty-four hours and shall not be held for more than seventy-two hours unless committed under section 17a-502.

  13. (c) Any psychologist licensed under chapter 383 who has reasonable cause to believe that a person has psychiatric disabilities and is dangerous to himself or herself or others or gravely disabled, and in need of immediate care and treatment, may issue an emergency certificate in writing that authorizes and directs that such person be taken to a general hospital for purposes of a medical examination. The person shall be examined within twenty-four hours and shall not be held for more than seventy-two hours unless committed under section 17a-502.

    (d) Any clinical social worker licensed under chapter 383b or advanced practice registered nurse licensed under chapter 378 who (1) has received a minimum of eight hours of specialized training in the conduct of direct evaluations as a member of (A) any mobile crisis team, jail diversion program, crisis intervention team, advanced supervision and intervention support team, or assertive case management program operated by or under contract with the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, or (B) a community support program certified by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, and (2) based upon the direct evaluation of a person, has reasonable cause to believe that such person has psychiatric disabilities and is dangerous to himself or herself or others or gravely disabled, and in need of immediate care and treatment, may issue an emergency certificate in writing that authorizes and directs that such person be taken to a general hospital for purposes of a medical examination. The person shall be examined within twenty-four hours and shall not be held for more than seventy-two hours unless committed under section 17a-502. The Commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services shall collect and maintain statistical and demographic information pertaining to emergency certificates issued under this subsection.

    1. I spoke with someone recently who worked in a crisis center about bob. and bob is right, thankfully. there is nothing he is doing that could constitute a danger to himself or others. he may be committing a sort of social suicide, but that is perfectly legal in this country. just look at our presidential campaigns for fine examples of people willing to make asses of themselves in public.
      to me, his behaviour is more pathetic than extreme, but by golly we got the right here on this earth to be pathetic, to be ridiculous, to be sublime. as someone who has been talked at, shouted at, and completely misunderstood by bob, i still cede him the right to be an asshole. and i will exercise my right to ignore him, condemn him, shun him, ridicule him, or love him as i see fit.
      if you feel compelled to keep paying attention to bob's behaviour, (which at this point, alas, i do) i think compassion is your best strategy. may his example help to shine light upon all of our shadows.

    2. Dear Wise Man Anonymous (March 16, 2012 5:57 a.m.),
      Finally a Wise Man interveneth in the discussion about What to Do About Bob.
      I rather suspect I know this Wise Man and, if he is who I think he is, is truly one of the Wisest Men I know and still consider him a True Friend. I say this at the risk of being wrong in my guess about his identity, although all the signs point in his direction.
      Anyway, what he says is more important than who he is. And I of course agree with what he says, 100%. In fact, 1,000%, if there is such a percentage.
      Right. If I am committing "social suicide," that is my Constitutional, even statutory, right in this country (Constitution) and state (statutory and even State Constitutional).
      Again, right. If I can be committed, and I don't even have a thought disorder as does Newt Gingrich, then ANYBODY can be committed to CVH. I mean look at Newt. He actually thinks it's a good idea to spend our hard-earned tax dollars to put a human colony on the moon, for God sakes! If that isn't certifiably CRAZY, then what is?
      Or take Dick Cheney and George Bush Jr. aka W. They were CONVINCED that Iraq had WMD. Have they been taken away by the men in white coats?
      And then there's The Man Who Would be President, Mittens Romney. He thought it was a capital idea to tie his Irish setter to the roof of the station wagon and drive the family to Canada for vacation. Mid-way there the dog crapped in the Thule Rack so our future president (OMG, is THAT a real possibility) hosed the poor creature down, tied the bitch back up on the car, and was given VIP treatment through customs at the Canadian border.
      And has Mittens seen the inside of CVH, except on a campaign fun-raising visit?
      K.S., I mean The Wise Man, has checked with a crisis center. They don't want me and they stand to make a big profit off giving me free room and board once wifey sells the old house and I have no place to hang my hat at night (and I don't even wear a hat most of the time, except during wrongful mental hospital incarcerations), so what does THAT little tidbit of Jungian psychological information tell you? I don't think CVH even wants me. Hell, my wife can't bear to live with me, why would CVH want to have me? Get real, people. Open your eyes.
      One final note. The envious, jealous people who write in to the Comment section of my blog, wanting, hoping, praying, fantasying (there's that pesky little obscure verb form which hung that one hermaphrodite up), wishing, demanding, commanding me to be taken away in a strait-jacket to the Big Loony Bin on the Hill, must not be paying attention to my open discussion of my continuing treatment by my psycho-therapist, Ray Oakes of Essex. I've seen him once a week since September, 2010. I even saw him for months a second time each week with Susie, for marital counselling, until Susie gave up. Why would you TAXPAYERS want to pay all that BIG TAX MONEY to lock me up, just to see my psycho-therapist, whom I can see without your paying for my room and board, all on my own? Just a thought which might relieve some of the horrible feelings of envy and hatred which those Commenters use my life and example of dancing with very hot, hot, hot, beautiful, young, sexually-ready, and oh so very ATTRACTIVE, and did I say HOT, Goddesses in the dance clubs, as the occasion for them to experience all the un-freedom and un-happiness they feel about their own miserable lives?
      More later...

      All best,

      The Fool

    3. not K.S., but i am honoured you would place me in such high regard. not W.J. either.

    4. Dear Honored Anonymous (March 16, 2012 4:28 p.m.),

      My hunch at this point is that your are none other than R.E. Here's why:

      1. I've talked at, shouted at, and, though I didn't know it, completely misunderstood you.

      2. You know K.S. and know that he loves the work and thought of W.J., the great Harvard psychologist.

      3. You're probably in the Jacob Group, because that's where I did the most talking at, shouting at, and, though I didn't know it, misunderstanding of people I used to be in close association with. I chose to feel aggravated and express it to you on that day in early June, 2011 when you told me you thought I "needed" to go on mood-stabilizers. I won't detail here exactly what I said and how you reponded. But it was not a pleasant confrontation for either of us, I'm sure.

      4. The "by gollly" led me to consider you might be a certain Tennessean in the Jacob Group, but I didn't talk at, shout at, or the like at him. "By
      golly" is the kind of thing you whom I think you are sometimes would say. You are an idealistic chap and idealists are wont to say things like
      "by golly," "gee willikers," and "it's gonna be a gollywomper of a snow storm." Think Hilton Kaderli, the old Channel 3 (local) weathercaster.

      5. The British spelling of "behaviour" was, I suspect, designed to throw me off. And it did for a minute. That spelling led me to believe it was R.B
      in the Jacob Group, but I never talked at, shouted at, or the like with respect to him.

      6. The dead giveaway, if I am correct is the final sentence: "may his example help to shine light upon all of our shadows." The author is a Jungian-phile who thinks about the human soul in terms of the Jungian notion of "the shadow." He is aware that much of what people say about me they are really saying about themselves, or parts of themselves which they do not want to think about consciously. Hence, Jungians would say that I
      represent for many what parts of their deepest selves wish they had the courage, or audacity, or abillity to be--or fear they would look like to
      others if they let their shadows become real, in the world.

      So there you have it. My guess. I've been wrong plenty of times in the past. Whatever.

      All best,

      The Guess Who Guy

    5. P.S.: I also ruled out W.R. aka bR. but I failed to consider another plausible candidate: T.C. Actually, upon further reflection, T.C. is more plausible a candidate than R.E. for this reason: The writer says he (I think it's a he, not a she) spoke "recently" with the crisis center person about me. It was just a few weeks ago that T.C. and I had quite the dust-up (which was probably more traumatic for him than me, although I chose to be upset about it until I wrote him an apology for something I said to him after he threw me out of his house, bodily). Since I now believe that T.C. was and is quite concerned for my well-being, he would have had every reason to consult with the crisis center worker about me, especially given his own experience with someone coming to harm and his wish that nothing bad happens to me of a similar nature.
      I love mysteries of this sort.

      All best,

      The Puzzled One but Puzzling It Out

    6. totally off track.

    7. Dear Totally Off Track Anonymous (March 17, 2012 3:38 p.m.),
      Well that's a helpful clue. It is hard to identify you. And none of my guesses fit all the clues. For example, the "behaviour." That really didn't seem like R.E. or T.C. and R.E. has now confirmed it is NOT him.
      So, back to the drawing board.
      Even if I never guess, I truly appreciate the wind of sanity and legal reality you joined me in blowing through the blog Comments of the idiots who thought they could realize their fantasies of shutting down my act by using legal measures.
      Whoever you are, my friend, at least I so consider YOU, have a Happy St. Patrick's Day.

      All best,

      The Legally Misapprehended One

    8. Dear Readers,
      I emailed the above Comments and my Replies trying to guess the identity of the Honored Anonymous to my former men's group at First Church, the Jacob Group. One of them replied that he, R.E., is not Honored Anonymous. After that I sent the following email to the Jacob Group.

      Dear Jacob brothers,

      So here I am now, back to the drawing board, but my search much narrowed.

      Whoever this "friend" of mine is [I only put the quotation marks because the friendly "feelings" may only run one way, from me to him, although his ideas are quite friendly to me. I think it's a man but I may be wrong about that too.], there are some important clues to
      his identity:

      1. He knew that K.S. in my Comment was Karl Scheibe.

      2. He knows Karl well enough to know of Karl's interest in William James (whom this person referred to as W.J. in HIS original Comment).

      3. He uses the British spelling of "behavior" ("our"), either naturally or as a diversion.

      4. He uses "by golly" for the same reason.

      5. He has been "talked at, shouted at, and misunderstood" by me. (his words)

      6. He was interested enough in doing a reality check on my claim that I am not subject to legal commitment for forced psychiatric treatment to call a person he knows who works in a crisis center about that issue. Of course he confirmed my understanding of my situation and the law. (Anybody who thinks otherwise probably needs at least out-patient legal and psychological therapy.)

      7. He is concerned for my welfare. "Thankfully" there is nothing I am doing which could reasonably construed as a danger to myself or others, this person wrote.

      8. He is probably a Democrat. His reference to politicians who are making asses of themselves in public undoubtedly refers to the current GOP crop of ass-apples.

      9. He is conflicted about his own compulsion to pay attention to my behavior and offers a final prayer that my behavior shine light on all of our shadows. This statement may indicate he doesn't fully understand his own fascination with me and the life I'm leading. But he IS fascinated and this itself tells us something important about this man.

      10. He is familiar with the Jungian idea of The Shadow and believes that I am enacting, in the real world, the unconscious wishes of many people. About that I am certain he is absolutely correct.

      I am going to post this email on my blog and see what else pops out of his, or others', conscious thoughts, and their unconscious Shadows.

      All best, my Jacob brothers, or former Jacob brothers, as you wish,


      [Editor's Note: The Mystery of the Mystery Commenter continues.]

  14. Bob, in your youtube video, I noticed you wore no wedding ring. I hope all is well.

    1. Dear Concerned Anonymous (March 23, 2012 at 5:16 p.m.),
      I haven't worn a wedding ring for most of my marriage. Another reader asked about this in a Comment under another post. I don't have time to look for it now because I've got to get ready to go to a Hartford dance club. But be assured that the lack of a wedding ring has no bearing on how I or Susie is doing.
      I assure you of this: all is well with my soul.
      Thank you very much for your care and concern for me.

      All best,

      The Ring-less Spouse

  15. Thanks Bob
    I am glad to hear that

  16. Dear Thankful and Concerned Anonymous (March 23, 2012 at 5:53 p.m.),
    Thanks again for your concern, which I can tell is genuine.
    One more thing about wedding rings and marriage. A ring is supposed to signify that the wearer thinks of his, or her, marriage, connection, to the spouse is infinite. But, like any other symbol, it may have no relationship with the reality of the marriage, which may not even BE a marriage in any important sense of the word. For example, was Newt Gingrich wearing a wedding ring when he has HIS affair with his intern, now his wife? It was at that time that Newt was doing his best to get Bill Clinton thrown out of the Oral Orifice. At least with Bill we knew what he was like. Newt just lies about what and who he is.
    The list can go on and on, and certainly is not limited to one political party.
    Hypocrisy is vice's tribute to virtue, as some wise sage once intoned from On High (maybe while he or she was high!). And wearing a wedding ring is, to alter the old saw just slightly, unfaithfulness's tribute to fidelity.
    All best,

    The Man who tries to be as Honest as his concern for his loved ones reasonably allows