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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Responses to Another Writer Who Threatened Me In An Email He Sent To Another Person and Why You Shouldn't Pick a Fight with Another Writer Unless You're Prepared to Engage in Pen-to-Pen Warfare

I'm getting signs and smoke signals and other messages all the time that I'm becoming a Writer and shedding my long-time role of nearly four decades, The Lawyer.  Those messages take the following form: I love to write and I love to write about whatever is happening in my life.  I don't care so much about what happens to me, or what I do, as long as I have computer and fingers and wi-fi access so I can write and publish my writing.  And I am becoming more and more willing to write and publish anything.  The role of Censor is fast disappearing from the quiver of my mental and emotional faculties.  I know this imposes costs on my family, but many things they do impose costs on Susie and me.  If one of my children refuses to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, for example, as I did for the first 45 or more years of my life, Susie and I have to face the fact that that grown child may get hit by a car and suffer severe head injuries, paraplegia, or death.  There are no cost-free activities in human life.

Anyway, I'm publishing today a series of what are called, in the singular, on Facebook, a Status.  A Status is a statement about anything of interest to the author.  It is posted electronically on the author's FB Wall, for her friends to see and make Comments about.  So I'm going to re-produce now a series of 8 Status assertions, some of which are longer than others, about a subtly threatening email which a man who also fancies himself to be a writer sent about me and my writing to a woman who in turn forwarded it to me.  I wasn't really very afraid he'd do anything to me, but I was amused by his claiming that nobody wants to read my writing, since I've had almost 19,000 times that people have looked on my blog, "Bobs blog," since I started it in mid-July, 2011.

Okay, without further ado, here's the stuff.

Part 1: The Threatening Email. Subtle, but Angry and Threatening

So I got an email from a guy who runs a local writers out loud group, I hit Reply to All and responded to some anti-Obama crap which was factually incorrect, and someone forwards me the following threat which the threaten-er, RJ Wilson didn't have the balls to send me directly. As I say to him in my email directly to him, if he makes good on his ball-less not-to-my-face threats, now the police and state's attorney will know whom to do the DNA testing on first: RJ Wilson. Have a nice evening, Mr. Wilson. Here's the email from him to somebody else, and my reply directly to Mr. Wilson:

Mr. Wilson's email to a Goddess, but no copy to me:

Again with this fucking Bob sending me messages I don't want? What the fuck is wrong with you? Nobody wants to read you, Bob. I know where you fucking live, Chimney Hill.

And my reply to Mr. Wilson:

so, rjwilsonwriter/threatener, i'll post this on FB so if you decide to carry out your threats, the police and state's attorney will know exactly whom to do the DNA testing on first--you, my friend.

all best,

A Non-Threatening WRITER

P.S.: If you wanna make threats, at least have the balls to make them to me directly.
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Janis Chrystal Regener Jeesh...people are weird. You never know how they are going to react.
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Robert Dutcher Yeah, he just resents the fact I get the Hot Young Goddesses, my daughter-surrogates, mind you, to pose with the Old Writer Dude as they do in my Profile Pics....This wannabe Hollywood Nobody got nothin' like that, Goddess......That's what he's ANGRY 'bout....Get a life RJWilson-wannab-Writer@hotmail.cum
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Part 2: My Facebook and Google Search for Info about the Threatener

I just got back from a wonderful evening at The Shadow Room. Just for the hell of it, I did a quick FB search of the chap who threatened me earlier (see my earlier status, below), Rick J. Wilson of Kensington, CT. It was easy to check the guy out from his FB page, his website, and a Google search. I'm really sorry to learn that his mother died on April 25, 2009, at age 82, as my own dear mother died in January, 2010, at age 92. Rick is a divorced self-described writer. Here's his website URL if you'd like to read about him or get links to his two or three vanity-published novels: Rick, I now know where you live, too, and will make sure the police do, too, if you ever decide to get crazy about me and actually carry out your idle threat in that email you neglected to copy me in on. Since we are both amateur, wannabe writers, I suspect we'd actually have a bit in common, except for one thing: I don't make threats like you do to people who piss me off, i.e. to third parties. If I'm pissed off at somebody, I just tell them directly, usually to their faces. But look, why don't we get together for a drink and actually get to know each other? Maybe we'd actually like each other? Or not. Who knows? Rick J. Wilson puts his email address,, on his website contact section, so I'm quite sure you're the one. One final question: If you're so sure nobody wants to read me, as you claim in the emailed threat you wrote to somebody other than me, the one you feel so angry about, why is it that my "Bobs blog" has had more than 18,000 (that's 18 thousand) hits since I started writing it in mid-July, 2011? And why is it that I have readers all over the world? I can show you the statistics which the Google Blogspot software keeps on where my readers come from in the world, what my most popular posts are, the search terms people use to find my blog, and other such interesting information. Hey, Rick, I now know your telephone number, since you've conveniently put it on your contact section of your website, and I put mine on my FB page, why don't you give me a call and we can get together. I'd like to meet you and get to know you so I can confirm my hypothesis about why my writing and what I'm doing with my life so aggravates you. One alternative to using my life as the occasion for reflecting about how unhappy you are with your own life is simply to go about the hard work of making your life better, as I've done with my own. All best, Bob Dutcher, The Writer

R.J. Wilson - About the Author
Richard Wilson has led an eclectic career working in media, including television commercial production and stage management in New York City, and motion pic...
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Part 3: Sign off from Facebook for the Day and a Reference to My Detective Work

Okay, FB World, enough detective work for the day, night, and week. I'm retired from all that law stuff but sometimes a little "situation" arises which calls for resurrecting the old Bloodhound Skills. Good night.
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Part 4: An Epigram about Writing vs. Threatening

Robert Dutcher

Those who can, write. Those who fear they can't, threaten.
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Part 5: Another Epigram and a reference to The Shadow Room Goddesses

Robert Dutcher
Those who can, hang with, and get photographed with, Goddesses of Highest Quality, at The Shadow Room. Those who can't, probably just jack off and dream about it.
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Robert Dutcher No offense, @Brian, given your non-given Sur- or Sir-name, but there's somethin' 'bout a Hand in-between the lines in my aforesaid Status, butt I can't quite figure out what the freak it is, dude. Can you offer a helpin' HAND, bro'.......Not that there's anything wrong with that, if you know WTF eye mean....
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Robert Dutcher P.S.: Jess' kiddin', bro'....
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Part 6: I Compare the Threatener to Cyclops (him) and Odysseus (me) in "The Odyssey"

Robert Dutcher
Follow up observation about the Threatening Chicken-Shit Email that Vain and Vanity-Press Published Novelista, send to some girl rather than directly to me. Here's another email I sent do my bro'-in-writing, Rick J. Wilson who lives in Kensington, CT:

Subject: And Cyclops yelled out to his friends, who wondered who'd spiked Cyclops in his third eye, "No One. No One blinded me. Get him. Fast." Just like you said about my writing: "NOBODY wants to read you, Bob. I know where you fucking live, Chimney Hill."

hey, Hollywood Good Lookin' Ricky, bro', somethin' funny just occurred to me 'bout WTF yo' sed yesterday in that hilarious and THREATENING email you chicken-shitted to Goddess Gayle rather than be like MAN and send it directly to me. here's the thing. when you got whatever the fuck degree you got at UCLA (you did graduate didn't you?) you being a writer, an' all, musta read Odyssey by my hommie, Homah Simpson, right yo'? Anyway, 'membah when that cool cat, good lookin' just like you, named Odysseus, put a freakin' spike in that big ole' monstah's eye in the cave, that Cyclops dude, and the Cyclops asked him what his name was and crafty Odysseus said "No one"? Remembah' that episode when you got your B.A. from UCLA, right? Well, anyway, when crafty old Odysseus sailed off of Cyclops' island, Cyclops ran out and his pals, wantin' to kill the guy who spiked their friend asked Cyclops, "Who the fuck did that to you, bro'?" And remember when you were doin' your four years at UCLA, before you got that degree you musta' got there, cause you're a freakin' Vanity-Press-Published Novelist, for Goddesses sake, yo', that that stupid freakin', but really good lookin', just like you're a Very Hot Studly Mere Mortal Man, that Cyclops yelled out: "No One. No One did this to me! No One put the spike in my eye and blinded me."

Well, listen here, Mr. Novelistic Pugilistic Writer and Blogger, although I think you've only been able to type two, maybe three blog posts on your AMAZINGLY well-crafted Blog on your website since last November, it just occurred to me as follows. Like Cyclops, you said about my "Bobs blog" the following, and I quote from your very smootly written and thought-out email to that Goddess lady friend of yours, the one you're dating, maybe:

Again with this fucking Bob sending me messages I don't want? What the fuck is wrong with you? Nobody wants to read you, Bob. I know where you fucking live, Chimney Hill.

Now Mr. Ricky, your "Nobody" kinda sorta reminds me of that Mr. Ricky Cyclops Three-Eyed Monster Man in Homeboy's "Odyssey." In the same way that Cyclops was totally OUTSMARTED by that crafty old Odysseus Hero, didn't I kinda OUTSMART your dumb-ass chicken-shit ball-less email you sent to a girl rather than to me, a Mere Mortal Man, but nonetheless, A MAN........?

Knowing that you're a college grad-u-eight of a first-class university like UCLA (what year was it you got your B.A. degree from UCLA, Mr. Ricky) and also a PUBLISHED vanity-press novelistist, I knew you'd appreciate the IRONY in your use of "NOBODY" and the Cyclops use of "NO ONE" in that older story.

Hey, bro', I think we have the makings of a very close friendship. What do you say? Why don't you come down to The Shadow Room and recite some of your original poetry some night? I'm SURE the Goddesses would love you, 'cuz I can tell from your vanity pictures on your FB page that you are a Very Good Lookin' Mere Mortal Man and I get the Ugly Man Discount at the Establishments in Hollywood where you and Gary Marshall and all your Hollywood friends hang out. Hell, I ain't never been no Executive Ass-iss-tant to no Big Time Hollywood Director like you have, bro', so I hope you'll agree to give at least some consideration to being my CLOSE FRIEND and COLLABORATOR in WRITING PROJECTS.

All best, and namaste,

Bob aka Not Up to Your Writing Ability or Educational Level or Good Looks, but workin' real hard to catch up to you, bro'

Bob's blog
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Robert Dutcher Anybody think I mighta been a little too HARD on the doo-dood?
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Robert Dutcher I mean, Rick J. Wilson of Kensington, Ct is a Vanity-Press-Published Writer 'n all, but he may actually have feelings. So if anybody thinks I've hurt his poor little feelings, please reply in strictest confidence. Thank you. VTY, Bobby, the Poisoned Pen Piss-ant Peon
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Part 7: More Sarcastic Comments by me about The Threatener aka The Vanity-Press-Published Auteur

Robert Dutcher
Another Funny Thing about Threatening Rick J. Wilson writer I sent him a private message on his Facebook page last night about that chicken shit email he sent to the girl. Now, when I was doing him the courtesy of sending him another private message to let him know what else I was writing about him, I could not get access to his FB page. Do you think the big Threatening Vanity-Press-Published Auteur is freakin' AFRAID to hear from my Poison Pen again? OMG I hope I didn't hurt Ricky J. Writer's FEELINGS, FB people. Maybe some of you Goddesses can go up to his Cyclopsian Cave, up there in Kensington, CT and Comfort Ricky now that Bobby's hurt his feelings...........oh, so sorry little Ricky.......but don't worry, you'll write about it and post it on YOUR blog, as your third or fourth blog post on your blog since you first posted on your blog in November, 2010. I know you're a bit slow on the uptake with your writing hand, but you SURE ARE A GREAT WRITER, Tricky Ricky, and I for one would vote to give you an Academy Award for Scaring the Shit out of me with your powerfully-written, threatening email. Keep up the writing and I bet those three GREAT NOVELS you've vanity-press-published will win a Cyclops Award. I'm sure of it. And BTW, how's the Play comin' along?

Part 8: Another epigram

Robert Dutcher
The pen is mightier than the sword, and even more so if the other verbal combatant don't have no sword. (Ancient Confucian Saying)
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Part 9: The Final Episode

Robert Dutcher
Okay, FB World, gotta eat some gruel and maggot-invested 201(k) certificates from my non-investments formerly known as Private Social Insecurity Accounts........will check back later for Fuckbook fun 'n games and see whether that Pulitzer-worthy and Putz-lacking AUTEUR, is creepin' 'round Chimney Hill wit' a Tire Jack-Off, ready to Whack me with it!!!!!!!!! Prease, rerease me, Mr. Wilson. Sincerely up yours and on your rocks, Dennis the Freakin' Menace

Epilogue: This is not the first person who wants to see me act out my life on the TV screen

Chris Lavado
you sir... should have your own television show...
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You like this.
Robert Dutcher
Great idea but I'm too Ugly 'n OLD, bro'. But I LOVE ya' for suggestin' it, man.....
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Chris Lavado Come to 960 Saturday For Boris... i need to see how you move to some house music!
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Robert Dutcher That sound like a plan, yo'.......butt won't that little shit LMS doo-doo-dude wut' kicked my old ass outta' Mezzo Burger Dance Hall in Middleberg, Konventional Konnecticut keep me from getttin' in dat' 960 Room dis' Sat knight ah' Columbo, yo'? eye b = scared a dat' little Hitler shitler tiny dickless dude, bro'...Please Reply in Strictless Confidence...
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A Final Comment

I've emailed copies of all my sarcastic remarks about Rick J. Wilson who calls himself a writer.  I have received NO response to any of them.  I wonder:  Why the Silence, Rick the Writer?


  1. I would be interested in finding out how many of your 18,000 hits are actually "visits" instead of "hits". "hits" don't really tell you all that much, as they may be bots instead of humans.
    are you using google analytics?


    1. Your Comment calls to mind the old saying, "Those who can, write. Those who can't, criticize."

      All best,


  2. Yo, Timmy D.,

    Beats me, sunny boy. This a.m. it's up to 19,117. Robots, bots, people, who the freak knows? Google Anal-y-tics? WTF's that, kid?



  3. One other note, Tim:

    I can tell you this, son. Whenever I post notice on my Facebook page of a new "Bobs blog" post, with a hyperlink to the blog, and then check the statistics, I see an immediate report on the Blogspot statistical summary for my blog of readers in the U.S. and other parts of the world going on to the blog to read the article. The statistical summary also tells me what the "Traffic Sources" are, e.g. Facebook, Google, and other ways REAL PEOPLE, not bots, find the blog and READ IT. Okay, that may not satisfy a kid like you who probably has Unresolved Oedipal Issues and a strong need or unconscious or even conscious wish to KILL YOUR FATHER, namely ME, and, perhaps, SLEEP WITH YOUR MOTHER. I don't know because I've never had occasion to do an armchair psycho-analysis of you, son, until you began to raise the Oedipal Knife and aim it, with the help of all that Computer Shit Trash Talk, right at my freakin' HEART (if, that is, a retired lawyer even has a heart).
    Anyway, son, thanks for taking the time to READ MY BLOG, which at least one person, namely you, has read, as your previous Comments indicate. So THAT'S SOME EVIDENCE, right, that at least one human is reading "Bobs blog," right? If not, are you saying that you're actually a BOT and not my HUMAN SON?

    All best,

    The King who has, on prior occasions, had carnal relations with yo' Momma, Oedipus.

    P.S.: Can you answer this riddle? What walks on all fours in the morning, on two legs at mid-day, and on three legs in the evening? If you can't, please see Dr. Sigmund Freud, IMMEDIATELY, before my or yo' Momma's lives are in danger.