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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why are shape shifting soldiers from another universe stealing frozen heads?

I carry my digital camera around town wherever I go just to make sure I don't miss any really great scenes.  Remember my blog post about buying that young guy $5.31 of rope at Cash True Value so he could fix his car's rusty bumper which fell off when I rear-ended him?  Luckily, I had the camera in the car and was able to take some pictures of the guy tying up the bumper or nobody would have believed me.  Here's the link to the post and the pictures:

Well this morning, on the way over to the cardiologist's office for an echo-cardiogram to determine if I, as a retired/retarded trial lawyer, actually have a heart, I stopped at Russell Library to pick up a Doo-Wop Volume III 4-CD album to listen to on my I-pod.  In the parking lot next to First Church, my former white church, I spotted this really cool question in white letters on the rear side window of a black BMW:

So what's the answer, dear readers?  Please leave a Comment, below, if you have any funny, interesting, or even serious answers to the question.

Another statement on the rear window of the same car is also very cool.  Here it is:

That little piece of wisdom about sums up all the main reasons I retired from my law practice back in March of this year.  And it also explains why I've been doing some of the crazy things I write about on "Bobs blog."

So, I hope these wise questions and remarks, tattooed on that BMW, provoke your minds in some unexpected directions.  If so, please share your thoughts and reactions in a Comment, below.  It's really quite easy to do.


  1. Just saw the FRINGE episode with the "shape-shifting soldiers" quote last night.

    The answer, of course, is that they're trying to find the right frozen head.

  2. Dear Anonymous July 26, 2013 at 5:44 a.m.,
    Thanks for clearing up that mystery. I never attempted to find out the source for the wonderful "shape-shifting soldiers" quote but I'm delighted you did. Here's a link to one of many Internet articles about that episode of FRINGE, which I'd never heard of until you posted your Comment here!

  3. P.S.: On the other quote on the windshield, "I'd rather die living than live dying," I just found this wonderful song by Jimmy Buffett, "Growing Older But Not Up", the last line of the Chorus is "I’d rather die while I’m living than live while I’m dead". Here's the YouTube link: And here's a link to the lyrics: