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Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Photos from the Titanium Dance Club from last Thursday night, November 3, 2011

Some of our "Bobs blog" readers complain my posts are too long.  So, for a break, here are four photos from last Thursday night's party at the Titanium Dance Club on Main Street in Middletown.  It's in the old Camp's Men's Clothing Store, on the east side of Main Street, between Court and Washington Streets.  At the front of the balcony, when it used to be the men's clothing store, there used to be a large clock.  About a hundred years ago, the former owner of the store, one of the Camp family, hanged himself from the clock.  His body was swinging from a noose when the employees opened the store in the morning.

It's great that now a dance club fills the old men's clothing store, and there are lots of women as well as men who patronize the place and, I should think, exorcise the ghost of Mr. Camp and his suicidal demons.

Okay, here are the three photos.

First is yours truly doin' some dance moves with a guy named Brian Simmons.  Notice I'm holding a cup of plain water with ice, which is my drink of choice when I dance, to avoid excessive dehydration.

Next is a shot taken from the balcony of the downstairs dance floor.  Over on the right side can be seen a young guy named Jesse, in a green sweater talkin' to the Crazy Dancin' Dude, yours truly, again in my red flannel shirt.  Jesse always gets a kick out of the very fact I'm in the dance clubs at all as well as how much fun I obviously have, being there and all.

Finally, I've included a picture of four Wesleyan students who were there that night.  One of them, the third woman from the left, is Erika Hubbard.  I met her at the Students of Color dinner last Saturday night during Wesleyan's Homecoming Weekend. She came over to me to tell me she recognized me from last Thursday night at the Titanium Club.  

Okay, so that's a mercifully short "Bobs blog," written specifically for those who prefer shorter stories.  Next blob post I'll probably return to my more prolix format. Who knows?  Only time will tell.

If these photos stir up anything in you, anything at all, I invite you to add a Comment at the end of this blog post.  Don't hold back, even if what you feel is critical of my lifestyle or otherwise judgmental.  It's all good and I'm interested in all of it.



  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for your Comment. What I'm reminded of is a Nigerian man I met at a wedding at my former "white" church. In our congregation was a Nigerian Esse, or King, of a community of several thousand people in Nigeria. Adiele Nwachuku, since deceased, was marrying a "white" woman in our congregation. On the way to the reception at the Inn at Middletown, I asked the older Nigerian man whether I would be accepted if I visited his Nigerian community, given my "white" skin color.

    "Bob, are you really white? What's the actual color of your skin?" "Well," I said, "I guess I'm kind of pink with some tan color thrown in for good measure." "Exactly," the Nigerian wise man replied. "And what color is my skin?" "Well, you're actually a dark, rich chocolate color, not black." "Precisely," the wise man observed, "There are no black or white people. We're all shades of pink and tan and dark chocolate."

    Now that I am getting more involved in my "black" Baptist church, I am more comfortable with "black" people than I used to be when I was hanging around mostly with "white" people. That doesn't make me better or worse than anybody else, but it is a change for me, and a change I like.

    Thanks for your Comment, Anonymous, and be assured I took it in the light-hearted way you intended it.

    All best wishes,

    Bob Dutcher

  3. You are posting a lot about your fun times dancing, considering that is only a few hours of the week, I wonder what else is happening in your life? And maybe this is the wrong forum, but an occasional update on Susie would be nice. Wishing you all well....

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for your observation and invitation. I shall write today about both topics, an update on Susie and my life apart from partying at dance clubs.

    And thanks for the well-wishes. I wish you, and everyone else, well, as well.

    All best wishes,

    Bob Dutcher