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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pain (to wit, Susie's Pain), sincerely yours, Susie's Pain-in-the-A-- neck rub-er and body-shower-help-er, The Added Burden and Un-constructive Helper, Your Humble and Obedient Servant, Blob the blogger

so-o-o, susie's comforter (intended to) comforted susie with the following comforting sentiment the other day:

"I don’t know how it’s going with Bob but thankfully, he has switched from e-mail musing (mostly about himself even though you are in his subject line) to a blog.  That may satisfy his need to share…let’s hope so!  I pray that he is a constructive help to you rather than an added burden.  I know he’s trying to take care of you and guess that at least intention is good."

Now you may want to skip to the poem I wrote about Susie's pain, it's at the end of this e-mail, and it's very short, so you might miss it if you don't look real carefully.  (Bob's Editors)  The poem's called, "PAIN".  And for those of you sick of reading so many words spewn forth from my fingers, "PAIN" is only two lines long.  Just 5 words.  Brevity is the soul of wit.  Bob's not learned that lesson well, yit. (Bob's Editors)

he or she, The Comforter,  is a wonderful person, did i fail to assure you'en?  i actually like this person, he or she.  he or she really LOVES suz-zee, in a way he or she is SURE yours truly does not, or cannot, or only has the ability to INTEND to love suz-zee, did i fail to inform thee?  and, rest assured, if only that caring he or she could only bee, here, with suz-zee, then that love of my life might finally get that CONSTRUCTIVE HELP my love can only get from the likes of he or she, and be relieved of the ADDED BURDEN which    I      AM     TO     SUZ-ZEE.          UNDOUBTEDLY        WITH CERTAINTY        AND      F-EYE-NAL-I-TEE    .

so, be assured, all ye comforters, ye constructive helpers, and ye un-added burdeners, that bobs blog     most assuredly does NOT satisfy Blob's NEED, yes the goddess did give Blob lots a' needs most of which remain un-Comfort-Ed on account a' ole' Satan, God's Fallen-but-Still-Powerful-Angel, hurtin' Suz-zee,  TO SHARE, the PAIN, which is NOT, MY pain, BUT SUZ-ZEE's PAIN, with our F-R-I-E-N-D-S, as well as Suz-zee's C-O-M-F-O-R-T-E-R-S (see "Job", The Comforter chapters.  Jewish bible. aka Old Testament).

so, to those who think i only know how, to write, at l-----e-----------n----------------g------------------------t---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------h,
about MYSELF
     I-    may I, instead, share, with thee, a little poem I wrote, 'bout what, susie's, going through, every hour, of every, day, despite, taking Oxycontin, 12-hr. release, twice a day, plus Dilaudin, when pain spikemy wife's bee-you-t-ful bod-dee?  Here goes the poem:


Susie HURTS.

ALL the time.

cc: The Comforter (you know who you are), and the TRUE friends of Susie AND Bob

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