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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Diminishment of Susie's neck brace-related symptoms, and PT & OT therapy regime

Susie has been able to reduce the inflammation and spasm in her neck from the hard neck brace by following the neurosurgeon's advice that she take Ibuprofen, continuously.  She still experiences discomfort where the brace makes contact with her neck, and because the brace keeps her neck virtually locked in one position, but at least it's not as painful as before she added the Ibuprofen to her Oxycontin and Dilaudin medication regime.  

She also met with the Debie, the physical therapist, and Sarah, the occupational therapist, to give them histories of her injuries and discuss future therapy treatment.  The therapy will be given several times a week to start.

Now that Susie can remove the hard plastic stabilization device from her left thumb, she is able to begin forcing the tip of her thumb to flex, very slightly.  Her thumb is still very swollen, making it difficult for her to flex it even a degree or two.  It is also sore where the sutures were removed at Dr. Linburg's office last week.  The rip in her skin will probably leave her with a permanent scar, but at least it is not on her beautiful face.

Last night we were able to make dinner together.  I cut up the delicious pork loin leftovers which Bonnie and Greg Brooks brought us the other day, and Susie sauteed the Brussells sprouts which were still in good shape, despite their having sat in the refrigerator since sometime before the road depression caused her bike crash on July 2.  I give thanks that we can make dinner together, let alone everything else Susie's continued life will enable us to do together in the future.

Every day I give thanks to God for not taking Susie away from me, our children, Liam, and the rest of our family and friends.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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