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Saturday, July 23, 2011

our infallible il papa, Pope Juan Paulo the 2nd, and the new R.C. rule that all priests must be practicing, Orthodox jews, just like our Lord and Savior, Jesu Christu, jew from Nazareth, Palestine

From today's NYTimes: "In a 1994 declaration seen as intended to end the debate, Pope John Paul II issued an apostolic letter, Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, saying that the church “has no authority whatsoever” to ordain women. Among the reasons the church gives is that the apostles of Jesus Christ were all men, and that that has been the church’s practice all along."  (emphasis added in red to highlight direct quotations from the New Testament, the words of Jesus Himself)      See the full article at

Based on the BRILLIANT reasoning of il papa, our former infallible Pope Juan Paulo the 2nd, ya' know what's wrong with this picture, infra.?  According to a necessary corollary of the Infallible Principle that any physical traits of the apostles must be the physical traits of  R.C. priests today, the ethnic and religious traits of the early apostles, and, particularly, Jesus Himself, are the necessary preconditions for gaining entry into the hallowed halls of the Vatican Priesthood.  Therefore, and hithertoe, and wherefore, I, Consigiliere to the current pope, the ex-Nazi German pope, Pope Benedict, decree that henceforth all R.C. priests shall be limited to the class of persons who qualify as ethnic and religious JEWS, just like our Patron Saint, Prophet, and God-head, our Lord and Savior, Jesus H. Christ-stein, ethnic and religious and observant and knowledgeable Jew from Nazareth, Palestine.

Here endeth the Lesson for today from the New Testament.

Note Bene: The man in the picture, below, was born a R.C. in San Francisco, California, so he will no longer qualify to be a R.C. priest, under the Vatican rules, explicated above.  The three women will, however, qualify, since they all had Jewish mothers and are observant Orthodox Jews.


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