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Friday, January 27, 2012

Northeast High School, Philly, PA, Class of 1967, Thanks for the Memories: News Flash: I've been BANNED, EXPELLED from the Class of 126. Freedom, at last. Take it easy, bro'.

  • Today, what would have been UNTHINKABLE when I was actually in High School, back in the late 60's, finally happened.  I got myself EXPELLED from the Northeast High School Class of 1967 Facebook page for what the class Ayatollah, Fred Blum, said were Offensive and Abusive Comments.  If you care to waste your time reading them, here's the link to the Class of '67 FB page: Actually, I can't even get to the Web Link because of my having been Exiled to Fantasy Island, so you'll have to do the FB search yourself.  It's Northeast High School Class of 1967.  Anyway, one of my classmates, Harvey Goss, who, with a few other people, were playing along with my shenanigans this morning on the class page, before I got kicked off, messaged me in hopes I'd write a kiss-ass apology letter, begging to be reinstated, as I was a few days ago after being Expelled once before.  I of course refused.  As I told Harvey, a far more creative person than I, Groucho Marx, famously said: "I would not be a member of any club which would have me as a member."  QED.  End of discussion about Kiss-Ass Apologies.  Here if you're interested, or having trouble sleeping, is my Message chain with Harvey on this subject.  I'll make no further comment but feel free to do so if you're so inclined.  All perspectives are welcome, the hateful, the supportive, whatever.  It's all Art and all Good, at least in the eyes of the gods, if not The Vatican.

    Fred Blum12:46pm Jan 27
    ROBERT DUTCHER HAS BEEN BANNED PERMANENTLY FROM THE GROUP DUE TO OFFENSIVE AND ABUSIVE POSTS. I have received too many complaints from other classmatEs. I am sure i will be criticized but so be it.!!

    • I've been BANNED, EXPELLED from the Class of126. Freedom, at last. Take it easy, bro'.

  • 42 minutes ago
    Harvey Goss
    • I know-- I meant to tell you to tame it a bit, since some of your remarks were directed at individuals in the class--but it seems like the complaints came from others who don't comment. My advice is: just send a note of apology, stating that you got carried away, but meant no harm--say that as a writer, you tend to tell it how you see it, or what others may think, but not comment--you meant no harm, just got carried away--in recent posts, you were a bit much--remember, the audience is on the conservative side--I really believe an apology is the right thing to do--if nothing else it will test their ability to let things go--

  • 40 minutes ago
    Harvey Goss
    • I have apologized for my content and delivery, because upon reflection, I realized I got carried away---

  • 35 minutes ago
    Robert Dutcher
    • Thanks, Harvey, but I don't, frankly, care if I'm on the h.s. board or not. It started to get interesting when you and some other people began to get creative, but I have plenty of other outlets for my creativity. I'm at a point where, if people don't want to deal with me, I go elsewhere. It's a big world. I called Fred Blum and he told me Linda Noble whatever was upset because she's had MS for 25 years and gets around in a Medicaid scooter. I had no idea. If I'd known, I would not have made the joke about the scooters. Look, I don't go out of my way to hurt people, but I am a creative person now, rather unconventional, and humor sometimes hurts. I do not plan to apologize or kiss ass to try to join a club which does not want me as a member. Think Groucho Marx, a far more creative person than I'll ever be, who said, famously, "I wouldn't want to be a member of any club which would have me as a member." But the people who find my energy enlivening will, I suspect, stay in touch with me. This afternoon, when you and I and the other loosey-goosey people were riffing back and forth, I was having a hard time controlling my laughter here at the Drunkin' Donuts where I now get wif-fi access. Anyway, I've got to get some dinner and then get ready for my Friday night dance club performance at Titanium Club tonight. Last night at Rookies I had a blast. The Goddesses and the Mere Mortal Young Men got all worked up by my Dionysian energy field. I'm having a blast in life and have no need to return to high school. Keep in touch, bro'

  • 35 minutes ago
    Harvey Goss
    • Send a masterpiece---let your best writing be seen and felt!

  • 31 minutes ago
    Robert Dutcher
    • Not sure what you mean by "Send a masterpiece." You mean create one?

  • 25 minutes ago
    Harvey Goss
    • Wish you would reconsider--not to kiss ass, but simply to say "got a little carried away" and never meant to hurt anyone's feelings--the reason being--you were too much, considering the group--masterpiece-oh- when I read your letter, I want to feel it-I know you are opposed to it, just want you to do what I believe is right-you're a good guy--no reason for people to think otherwise---

  • 23 minutes ago
    Robert Dutcher
    • What do you mean: "--masterpiece-oh- when I read your letter, I want to feel it"...What letter? Feel what? Sorry, I can't read between your lines. You need to spell it out a bit more clearly if you want me to understand.
    • As for explaining myself, I don't mind if people think I'm an asshole. Plenty of people do. That in no way shakes my self-confidence and it does not "deter me from my appointed rounds," just like the Post Office. But also, I've been Exiled to Alcatraz so I no longer could post an apology even if I wanted, which I don't want. I would like to tell Linda Noble that I had NO idea she has MS. Had it, I would not have made the comment I did. But I'm not a mind reader, even if the high schoolers fantasy I am.

  • 19 minutes ago
    Robert Dutcher
    • My life is out there for anyone to tell stories about, any way they want. And I do the same about my life and other people's lives. We're all storytellers, all the time, but most people don't see the wisdom in THAT story line.
    • So, are the high schoolers assholes because they can't handle my creativity? Or am I an asshole because I refuse to behave in ways they're comfortable with? There's no TRUTH there, must more stories. That's why I love being a writer, or at least that's the story I tell about myself now.

  • 18 minutes ago
    Harvey Goss
    • Bottom line--you can't always say what you want to say--if you had a radio show, people could choose not to listen, but in this case you were a bit much, only the last several comments--whatever you, is your choice--just my opinion -- we'll still correspond:-)
    • Rob, as I said free speech is valid to a point--
    • Battery dying--if ur not to partied out tonight--shoot me a dose of wisdom--later bro

  • 4 minutes ago
    Robert Dutcher
    • Bro', Free Speech is always "valid" and always my long as I don't run into problems with the U.S. Supremes (think court, not Diana Ross), I don't frankly give a shit WTF anybody makes of my creative shit....that's not MY problem, but theirs, dude.....that's what ART is, there for the world to contemplate and tell stories about. Do you think Picasso really gave a shit what the Pope thought when he did that series of pictures of the Popes peeping through bathroom key holes watching people take a shit or peeping at people having sex with whores in whorehouses? I saw these at Picasso Erotique exhibit in Montreal years ago. Le Louvre had kept them hidden away in the basement and that was the first time they ever were shown publicly because the museum feared people would crucify Picasso. Do you think Old Pablo gave a flying fuck what people thought? Hell no, bro', and I'm no Picasso (although you'll notice that word sequence rhymes nicely), but I feel the same way about what I create. I create what I create and don't give a flying fuck what people make of it. Lock me up, kill me, but I'll never stop CREATING until they kill me, or God or the gods give me over to the Grim Reaper.

  • 3 minutes ago
    Robert Dutcher
    • If I remember when I check FB outside the closed DD at 2:30 a.m. once I get done partying, I'll send you some creative shit. Send me a message if you want to remind me because I communicate with scores of people on FB.



  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for your Comment, if it's fair to call the provision of a link to a video of the Bentsen put-down of Quayle a "Comment" by you. You're apparently suggesting I'm no Picasso, as Bentsen told Quayle he was no Jack Kennedy.
    The problem with your Comment is this. I never claimed to be as talented as Picasso. I do claim to share his creative drive. But I will say this. Unlike you, who appropriate someone else's creative output, the debaters, to make your point, what I write on my blog is totally my own creation. Also, unlike Picasso and I, you lack the courage to identify yourself as the appropriator of someone else's creative work in making what you think passes for a Comment. I wonder why you don't identify yourself? What are you afraid of? Artists, whether major or minor, at least have the courage to take credit, or blame, for their artistic productions.
    All best,

    Bob Dutcher

  3. I didn't want to identify myself because I am your creative son.

    Love you dad.

  4. Dear Tim aka Anonymous,
    I can only aspire to be as creative as you already are. But I am working on it. I loved those poem-fragments, or dream-elements, you emailed me from Haiti a few weeks back. I love the fact you don't feel you have to "stay within the lines" in your artistic productions. You have a real artistic gift: the ability to create without worrying if the artistic product is sharp and clean around the edges. So many of us limit ourselves to that which we can produce and edit into a "perfect" form. I'm jealous of your internal freedom as an artist.
    The wonderful thing about children, and this is true about all four of you siblings, is the way each of you surprise your mother and me with the ingenious ways you find to live your lives in fascinating ways. Keep it up, Tim.
    While I know I'm not an ideal father, you've turned out amazingly well, despite my deficiencies.
    I love you too, probably more than I've shown you over the years.


  5. I AM a firm believer that if we expel those who offer differing views from all of our life whether it be in the trade we are in control or even a simple class reunion site we may be saying more of ourselves and or beliefs than that of those we attempt to segregate. There is a wise publication of words that state" if we don't feed the beast it will have a hard time surviving." Regretfully if there is any money involved do like I have done and follow it. There may certainly be more than meets the eyes.

  6. Dr. Gerald M. LevittJune 25, 2013 at 4:22 AM

    Dear Robert Dutcher,
    It was funny seeing your name. I remember you kindly from NE in 1964-67. I too have been banned by the rectal orifice (Ayatolla is a great description)Fred Blum. What a putz. I had the nerve to ask him a number of years ago who had died in our class and he refused to tell me. I get very little info about him and really could care less (as I actually have a life) except that I accidently happened upon this blog. I am Jerry Levitt. Don't know if you remember me. How do I email you. I haven't looked around this site yet. I will try to find your email here. Didin't we pay for a lifetime mebership when we graduated? Who is in charge of our class alumnae stuff? Who made blum the emperor without clothes? I am still amazed, and proud to be in such fine company. Who else has been banished to this interesting group of rebels? I am still in shock. Hope to speak with you later.

  7. Thanks, Jerry. I've given you my email address on your wife's Facebook message page, since you don't use Facebook. Nice to hear from you. Later, Bob